I'll Make You A Chicken.

Who are you?

Wishing for a chicken.

I wish someone would make me a chicken.

I'll make you a chicken.

The chicken-making acceptance confirmation.

Beckoning a chicken-maker.

Come make me a chicken.

Yes. Someone is out there who could come over and make you a chicken.

We're just here to help connect you.

Join us.

The chicken offer.

I'll make you a chicken.

Are you bored? Looking to make new friends? Want to show off your cooking skills?

Go make someone a chicken.

Join us.

Who are we?

We connect people with people, for dinner. That's it.

How does it work?

We use facebook to verify identities, and introduce people over the basic need for dinner. Find a new friend. Have dinner. We won't even charge you.


Yeah. So, we'll help you put a shout-out to our other members. Like, "Somebody come over on Tuesday and cook me a chicken!" If someone is free, they'll respond.

Refine your menu, agree on a budget, and get to know your new friend through reviews and other facebook friends.

I'll Make You A Chicken - it's the coolest, newest, friend-finding network on the internet.

Get involved

Join us.